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Scandinavian designers have had a significant impact on the world of design with their timeless and functional designs. Their work encompasses a wide range of furniture, often characterized by an elegant and minimalist aesthetic. These designers enjoy international recognition for their innovative approaches to form, materials, and craftsmanship


Verner Panton

Verner Panton’s boundless creativity and disregard for material limitations made him one of the standout designers of the “Danish golden age”. Trained as an architectural engineer in Odense and later at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, he founded his own design studio in 1955 after working with Arne Jacobsen. Panton’s unconventional chair designs, often without traditional legs, redefined furniture functionality. At Matzform Scandinavia, you can experience his iconic Relaxer Chair.


Thomas E. Alken

Thomas E. Alken, an award-winning designer, represents the vanguard of the new generation of designers, blending a robust Danish design foundation with a burgeoning international profile.  Alken’s philosophy revolves around the intrinsic harmony between natural functionality and aesthetic beauty, with a keen focus on the human body and its environment. His aim is to create enduring and meaningful products for real individuals. We proudly distribute his exquisite Dino series.


Arne Howmand-Olsen

Arne was born and raised in Kirkeby Sogn in central Denmark. Upon achieving qualification, he established his own studio, crafting exquisite furniture imbued with the essence of Scandinavian design—characterized by simplicity and lightness. While his creations found a market in Denmark, the bulk of his furniture was exported, particularly to the large consumer base in the United States. One of those furnitures was the stylish Cross Chair, you can acquire from Matzform Scandinavia.


Ejvind A. Johanssen

Born in 1923 Ejvind Johansson trained in the traditional methods of cabinetmaking and joinery and after this training he studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Ejvind A. Johansson built upon Børge Mogensen’s ambition to funish the homes of Danes with functional modernism. In general, Johansson was perceived as unorthodox in his methods and philosophies.  At Matzform Scandinavia, you have the opportunity to acquire the both sculptural and comforting Eye Chair.


Johannes Andersen

Johannes Andersen epitomizes mid-century modern design. He elevated the Scandinavian modernism’s emphasis on practicality and space-saving to new heights, incorporating luxurious woods such as teak, mahogany, and rosewood into designs that effortlessly combined elegance with functionality. At Matzform Scandinavia, you can buy his charming Smiley Table.


H.W. Klein

Henry Walter Klein was born in Norway and his journey into furniture design began unexpectedly. After serving with the Norwegian Royal Marines during World War II, he pursued cabinet making for two years before moving to Denmark in 1949 to study interior design at Frederiksberg Tekniske Skole, under the guidance of renowned designer Finn Juhl. It was during this time that Klein found inspiration for the innovative designs that would shape his career. We’re proud to distribute his classic Benedict Chair.


Ib Kofod-Larsen

Ib Kofod-Larsen received his education at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and dedicated his life to the vibrant field of furniture design. He was an enthusiastic creator, contributing actively to the furniture industry and collaborating with smaller cabinetmakers. Despite being overlooked during his time, we take great pride in reintroducing his bold and sculptural pieces to the market. At Matzform Scandinavia, you can acquire the Mikado Chair, the Slingshot Chair, and the Wing Chair.


Erling Torvits

Erling Torvits embarked on his journey in furniture craftsmanship by graduating as a cabinetmaker in 1944. He then ventured to Copenhagen, where he honed his skills at the AJ Iversen workshop. Later, he relocated to Herning, Jutland, establishing a modest design studio. There, he became highly engaged in collaborating with numerous smaller furniture manufacturers across the country, primarily specializing in cabinets and chairs. Among the limited yet successful upholstery pieces he created during his career is the renowned Sushi series, which we proudly distribute

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